Inspection Search Results for 06/09/2023

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If looking for a specific permit, please contact the Comal County Engineer’s Office at 830-608-2090 or by email

PDFMapPermit #Inspection TimeAddressInspection TypeInspectorInstaller
PDF Document Map 113959Posted at 8:45AM2487 GEORGE PASSSEPTICClint HendryMJ Central Texas Septic
'N/A' 'N/A' 115932Posted at 8:45AM224 KELLOGSEPTICClint HendryCASTILLO, WAYNE D
'N/A' 'N/A' 115216Posted at 8:45AM1090 PEGASUS DRSEPTICClint HendryA & R Construction
'N/A' 'N/A' 116009Posted at 8:45AM508 GLEN OAKS DRSEPTICClint HendryA & R Construction
'N/A' 'N/A' 116191Posted at 8:45AM598 BUFFALO SPRINGS RDSEPTICCorey AllenCountryside Construction
'N/A' 'N/A' 115895Posted at 8:45AM1206 WILD ROSE DRSEPTICCorey AllenAerobic Services of South Texas
PDF Document Map 114291Posted at 8:45AM1428 GLENWOOD LOOPSEPTICClint HendryN/A
'N/A' 'N/A' 116012Posted at 8:45AM301 VIP DRSEPTICClint HendryN/A
'N/A' 'N/A' 116266Posted at 8:45AM194 SPRINGSIDE TRLSEPTICClint HendryBatey Construction
'N/A' 'N/A' 116217Posted at 8:45AM357 OAK SPRINGS DRSEPTICCorey AllenFrank Oranday
'N/A' 'N/A' 115623Posted at 8:45AM725 CIRCLEVIEW DRSEPTICCorey AllenEoff Septic Services
'N/A' 'N/A' 115353Posted at 8:45AM2940 SKYLINE DRSEPTICCorey AllenEoff Septic Services
'N/A' 'N/A' 116051Posted at 8:45AM5951 TEMERITY WAYSEPTICCorey AllenEoff Septic Services
'N/A' 'N/A' 115986Posted at 8:45AM2841 WOODCREST DRSEPTICCorey AllenPeter Varhol Construction
'N/A' 'N/A' 114987Posted at 8:45AM1353 POWDER RIDGE RDSEPTICCorey AllenPaul Swoyer Septic
PDF Document Map 112878Posted at 8:45AM1755 RIADA DRSEPTICJames ConnorPaul Swoyer Septic
'N/A' 'N/A' 116039Posted at 8:45AM475 CURVATURASEPTICCorey AllenPaul Swoyer Septic
'N/A' 'N/A' 114976Posted at 8:45AM334 DELANOY DRSEPTICJames ConnorN/A
'N/A' 'N/A' 115602Posted at 8:45AM2541 OTTER WAYSEPTICJames ConnorPaul Swoyer Septic
'N/A' 'N/A' 116263Posted at 8:45AM577 GUADALUPE DRSEPTICClint HendryN/A
'N/A' 'N/A' 115285Posted at 8:45AM520 WHITEWATER WAYSEPTICClint HendryPaul Swoyer Septic